..and they’re off!

(A blog by Christy, the unclassified crew member)

It’s Sunday afternoon – an unexpectedly snow-dusted day & the sun, low in the sky, is casting it’s last last golden threads over the top of the ivy that’s choking our garden wall. Despite the apparent calm and serenity outside, I’m typing to the sound of very loud drumming, as Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam are recording some new demos in our basement.

Seems like much longer than just a week ago that I was headed to London to meet up with Dave (Armstrong – Director of Ghostgirl, my partner in creative crime), who himself was on his way back from the Midem Music Conference in Cannes with the aforementioned band.

We had organised auditions in the city with a number of professional actors trying out for the part of ‘John’ in Ghostgirl. Considering we’re due to shoot in two weeks, it may seem a little late in the day to be casting our lead, but ‘John’ is a very challenging role and though there is a wealth of talent here, sadly we were unable to find anyone suitable on the tiny Isle of Man. Having scoured all available casting websites and sent the script to various casting agencies, it seems that part of our difficulty in finding someone could also have been the demographic we were after – 30ish, attractive, Bohemian looking males have either had their break by now, are Hollywoodbound & wouldn’t touch tiny companies like us with an imaginary bargepole, or they haven’t had any breaks at all and therefore made the decision to give up and start a family. It’s a depressing thought, but very probable.

However, we did find our man – an extremely good match for the ‘John’ that existed in our minds eye (more on that in next instalment) – and seeing as he was the last part in our cast & crew puzzle, it seemed like I should really get a blog out.

Maybe I should start by explaining a bit about who we are and what we do…

My partner and I, the aforementioned Dave Armstrong, run a small production house on the Isle of Man called DAM Productions which is a part of the Running Media Group. RMG also has a management and music side, and through that we look after the artists Corinne Bailey Rae, Davy Knowles and Christine Collister among others. From the top floor of our oversized, constantly busy Victorian house in Douglas, we run a video production company (where I spend most of my waking hours editing, or updating websites, or designing album covers, or…anything else creative really) and Dave runs a music studio from the basement, where he recorded and produced Back Door Slam’s debut album ‘Roll Away’ and from where I can now hear the strains of Davy Knowles’ staggering voice belting through the floor as they progress through their latest demos. Suffice it to say, it’s an exciting place to be.

And in a fortnight, when Davy is back in the US having completed his first Maida Vale session, the house will have been transformed into a film set & will be teeming with cast, crew and camera equipment, for the start of filming on ‘Ghostgirl’.

This means we have a lot to do; the house will need a total overhaul to make it seem like a convincing ‘blind man’s abode’ (anyone who’s been here will know that Dave and I tend to hoard stuff, and leave said stuff in places that a blind man would very quickly trip over and undoubtedly do himself some nasty injuries). We also share our house with a variety of folk & family who come and go as they please, and who leave more stuff in various rooms, adding to the potential hazards. And we’re film buffs, meaning our recently purchased giant home cinema system will also have to be hidden away somewhere (John is unlikely to be able to appreciate the glorious sharpness of our HD mega-screen). Thankfully, our wonderful designer and art dept guru Sally Black has already come up with some fantastic ‘Not Mood Boards’ to give us an idea of how we can transform everything but we’re a long way off yet.. even though filming is practically imminent!

And right now, I’m needed in the basement studio to record some backing vocals on Davy K’s new demos. What a curious few weeks this is turning into.

More soon…

One response to “..and they’re off!

  1. OhHo! That’s a rather full (but fun) plate you have there! Very much looking forward to “On the next episode….” 🙂 Thanks CDH!

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