First chance to see stills from the ‘film’

Marley - eye.

OK, so its not actually 35mm, but we think the footage from the Canon 5D looks pretty damn close to it! Have split off a few frames from the recorded video so you can see how great the gear is – at dealing with low light in particular, as 90% of our film takes place at night, and 70% of that is inside the house of a blind man who has no need for lights…ouch. But the camera did us proud!

Clicky Piccy Linky to see the stills – and please comment here with your thoughts. Bear in mind some of these frames are taken from action/moving shots, so may not be entirely sharp. There has been absolutely NO processing/doctoring/colour correction to any of them (leaving that to final edit).

ADDITION 260210 – some stills from the ‘drunk boys mess with Marley’ scene:

Observer on stairway

Observer on stairway

One response to “First chance to see stills from the ‘film’

  1. Some really impressive stuff, there. The exterior night shots, especially the wide on the lampposts are beautiful.

    Great work.

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