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“The ghosts that broke my heart before I met you”

Two weeks later and we’re still not finished filming – so much for our compact & bijou, easily digestible, stress free 7 day shoot!

There really are only a couple of shots left to get (she said, not very confidently..) but nothing can be done about them now – Dave and I are on a plane somewhere over the west of Paris, about to embark on a very different 7 day adventure of snowboarding (Dave’s first time, should be fun!) So we’re swapping the confines of our house/location and 20 semi-resident crew members, for a chalet in Meribel with 14 friends and a winter wonderland view. And hopefully no breakages. Not exactly a ‘chillaxing’ time out, admittedly, but a helluva lot of fun!

We’ve both brought our macs with us tho – Dave is going to continue his rough edits of the film, and I’m going to be keeping in touch with Producer Phil to plan whatever else we may have left to shoot, while catching up on the mountains of Other Work I’ve missed since we’ve been emersed in Ghostgirl’s world. The joys of being self employed…

My view of Olly from the roof (on Redhead duty)

My view of Olly from the roof (on Redhead duty)

Last night, we filmed the pick ups of Marley investigating John’s now-abandoned marital bedroom. The scene we shot previously in that room is going to be one of the most powerful moments of the short – both Chelsea’s and Oliver’s performances were stunning, and Dave’s fluid, spiralling steadicam work coupled with TJ’s unsettling, shaky* handheld (*intentionally so) all makes for a really emotive two minutes. So we were determined to get the moments leading up to that encounter absolutely right – Chelsea did a stellar job last night (despite all the hilarity from the crew and Numpty’s incessant desire to populate the room with the smell of death and eggs from his uncontrollable arse – I don;t think Phil was joking when he said he must have had Balti for dinner)

choreographing the Fight Scene

Two nights ago, we filmed another climactic scene – Marley’s encounter with ‘the drunk lads’ early on in the script. This involved choregraphing a pretty vicious fight scene, with Chelsea getting to thwack poor Tony in the shins 20 or 30 times (she didn’t hold back with her chunky doc martens either!) and Sean getting to pull Chelsea’s hair, throw her onto a crash mat then walk round the corner and puke vegetable soup into a drain.. nice. All great fun and nobody was hurt, thankfully!

'Marley' walking into danger

'Marley' walking into danger

Tony (‘Drunk 1’, who also doubled as our boom op last week), is by day a sweet, funny, charismatic 20 yr old actor – and a ruddy good one at that. Present him with the character of a mildly psychotic drunk to tackle, and he gives you just that, by the bucketload. Both his and Seans performances (‘Drunk 2’) were again way above and beyond what we could have hoped for – and were actually genuinely frightening to witness. We were also really lucky with the location that Phil had found for us (using his years of experience as a location manager, clearly) – the alleyways and fire escapes gave us a brilliantly atmospheric setting, one more akin to a gangster movie than just the back of an Isle of Man restaurant. Add to that John Craine’s masterly lighting and Dave’s excellent handheld camera work & you have a pretty wicked looking collection of shots, if we do say so ourselves! Top work all 🙂

'Marley' in trouble (still from Eos)

'Marley' in trouble (still from Eos)

Soon it’ll just be a case of editing. And that also means scoring… Some of you film buffs will be aware of a very good friend of ours, Danny Lacey, who’s about to embark on shooting his next short film ‘Love Like Hers’. Having followed his progress updates – he’s already organised the promotional materials & soundtrack for the film even tho he’s still amending the script! – I’ve been astonished by how far behind we really are in so many aspects of organisation. If we do this again, we’re definitely going to take a lot more time out to focus entirely on pre production and get all these things in place BEFORE we start rolling.

still from Eos

But in the meantime, I’ve decided I’m going to work on a version of Laura Marling’s ‘Ghosts’ as a potential theme track; the lyrics are absolutely perfect for the film (“He opened up his little heart, unlocked the lock that kept it dark, and read a written warning, saying ‘I’m still mourning over ghosts, over ghosts that broke my heart before I met you” – see what I mean?!) I used to cover the song just using guitar and simple vocals, but I may mess around with piano this time, & the loop station to add some deep, unsettling extra vocal lines – and maybe something spookily atmospheric like a glockenspiel?

Feeling musically inspired now… damn shame I’m stuck in a cabin hovering over the ocean, & will be nowhere near anything resembling a piano, guitar or loop station for a week.. still, something to look forward to on our return.

For now, it’s off to the piste – hurrah!
More later…

Marley defiant

Marley defiant (still from Eos)

First chance to see stills from the ‘film’

Marley - eye.

OK, so its not actually 35mm, but we think the footage from the Canon 5D looks pretty damn close to it! Have split off a few frames from the recorded video so you can see how great the gear is – at dealing with low light in particular, as 90% of our film takes place at night, and 70% of that is inside the house of a blind man who has no need for lights…ouch. But the camera did us proud!

Clicky Piccy Linky to see the stills – and please comment here with your thoughts. Bear in mind some of these frames are taken from action/moving shots, so may not be entirely sharp. There has been absolutely NO processing/doctoring/colour correction to any of them (leaving that to final edit).

ADDITION 260210 – some stills from the ‘drunk boys mess with Marley’ scene:

Observer on stairway

Observer on stairway